Jill Mattson – Manifesting Energy (August 8, 2013)

Tripling your manifesting capabilities is easy by using sound. This is such great news!

Jill has written four books and numerous magazines have published her unique articles. Her latest sound healing book, “Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing,” has been translated into several languages and is enjoyed worldwide.

Jill is simply brilliant and I wonder if she ever sleeps!

Welcome Back!!!! Jill … we can hardly wait to talk with you again.


Look what can be done by using sounds below and I bet there’s even more! 

Develop psychic skills through sound & music

Enlightenment & Sound – the Fast Track

Contact angels, Master and Guides, using Sound

Triple your Manifesting energy – using sound

Amplifying your crystal power – using sound

The frequencies of Collagen–can you imagine!

The Sound Based Facial and Spa Treatment

The Flower Essences – the sound based version (I love these CDs Volumes 1 & 2)

Inter-dimensional Travel – using sound

Sound of the Atlanteans & Egyptians

Mysteries of Empowerment – through Sound

Secrets throughout the ages – Hidden Sound & Music

Whoever started the rumor that music was entertainment – meant to dis-empower you

Tuning to Heaven & Earth – literally

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