Jim Berkland – Shake! Shake! Shake? (February 14, 2013)

We could cuddle up a little more on Valentine’s Day … as we discuss possibilities of earth shakes.

Earthquake forecaster Jim Berkland warns of a ‘high risk … California earthquake prediction for 2013 and … what else? … Well, we’ll just have to ask Jim what his views are on the shake, rattle and roll! We just might be learning a new dance 😉

Recently on Fox News – Jim Berkland shared that a Major Earthquake in North America is imminent. 

Jim is a 50 year old Registered Geologist who claims to have 80% accuracy on Earthquake prediction since he understood the patterns. He worked for USGS, Geological Society of America, US Bureaus of Reclamation and County Geologist for a county in California.

Let’s check with Jim about some dates of activity:


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