Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy (April 24, 2014)

As you can see below Jim walks with a foot in both-worlds. Get a glimpse on how Jim mastered Alchemy … it’s called being thrown into the river, then you learn how to swim.

From the age of 26, Jim was elected to the first of two terms as Vice Mayor of San Jose, CA City Council and before completing his second term, he was asked by President Jimmy Carter to be an Advisor and Director of Governmental Operations for the US Dept. of Energy, then on to a successful entrepreneur who built and sold two corporations … all while simultaneously leading seminars, teaching healing, clairvoyance, personal energy management courses, and developing relationships with ascended masters and teachers of light with whom he has created mastering alchemy programs.

Today we’ll connect with Jim and find out what Mastering Alchemy is all about.

And, how does it relate to your ascension?

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Website: http://www.masteringalchemy.com

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