Kryon’s Solution for North Korea

Lee Carroll channels Kryon of Magnetic Service … and here is what Kryon shared …  this is excerpted from the channeling.

… I’m going to give you a potential on Earth that is not the strongest. I am going to tell
you about a Human Being who has a choice. This potential is only about 50 percent. But I’m
going to “read a potential” to you that you didn’t expect. It’s about a paradigm that is starting
to shift.

Let’s talk about North Korea. There’s a young, new leader there. The potential is that he will
never, ever hear this channel, so I can talk freely about him. He is facing a dilemma, for he
is young and he knows about the differences in the energy in his land. He feels it. The lineage
of his departed father lies upon him and all that is around him expects him to be a clone of this
lineage. He is expected to continue the things that he has been taught and make North Korea great.

But he’s starting to rethink them. Indeed, he wants to be a great leader, and to be heard and
seen, and to make his mark on North Korea’s history. His father showed him that this was very
important. So he ponders a question: What makes a world leader great?

Let’s ask that question to someone in an older earth paradigm from not that long ago. He will be
an expert and a successful one. So this is a valid exercise, asking someone from the past who knows.
We will ask that question to a man who you know and whose name is Napoleon. For us, this was
yesterday and some of you were there.

If you asked Napoleon, “What makes a world leader great?”, he will say, “the size of the army,
how much area can be efficiently conquered with a given amount of resources and men, how important
the leader appears will then be based upon how many citizens call him emperor or king, the taxes
he can impose, and how many fear him.” Not only was that Napoleon’s reality, but he was right
for the energy he was part of at the time. So Napoleon went back and forth between world leader,
general and prisoner. He accomplished almost everything he set out to do. His expertise was
obvious, and you remember his name to this day. He was famous.

What makes a world leader great? What I am showing you is the difference in thinking between then
and now. There are some choices that this evolving young Human Being has that could change
everything on the planet if he wanted. His father would tell this boy that what makes a world
leader great is the potential of his missile power, or how close he can get to having a nuclear
weapon, or how he stands up against the power of the West, or how he continues to aggravate and
stir drama as a small country – getting noticed and being feared. His father would tell him that
this is his lineage and that is what he’s been told all his life. His father did it well and
surrounded himself with advisors who he then passed on to his son.

Now, there’s a 50 percent chance of something happening here, but this is not a strong potential,
dear ones. I’m bringing this forward so you can watch it work one way or the other. For if the
son continues in his father’s footsteps, he is doomed to failure. The energy on the earth will
see it as old and he will be seen as a fool. If, however, he figures it out, he could be the most
famous man on the planet… which is really what his father wanted.

If Kryon were to advise this man, here’s what I would tell him. He could be the greatest known
leader the current world has ever known, for what he does now will be something the world will
see as a demarcation point from the old ways. Not only that, but what he does now will be in the
history books forever, and because of his youth, he has the potential to outlive every other
leader on the planet! So he’s going to have longer fame than anyone ever has.

I would tell him this: Tell the border guards to go home. Greet the south and begin to unify North
and South Korea in a way that no past prophet ever said could happen. Allow the two countries to
be separate, but have them as two parts of a larger Korean family with free trade and travel.
Start alliances with the West and show them that you mean it. Drop the missile programs because
you will never need them!

This will bring abundance to the North Korean people that they never expected! They will have
great economic sustenance, schools, hospitals and more respect than ever for their amazing leader.
The result would be fame and glory for the son, which the father had never achieved, something
that the world would talk about for hundreds of years. It would cause a United Nations to stand
and applaud as the son walked into the Grand Assembly. I would ask him, “Wouldn’t you like that?”

Doesn’t this seem obvious to most of you? He could achieve instant fame and be seen as the one who
made the difference and started something amazing. But watch him. He has a choice, but it’s not
simple. He still has his father’s advisors, but one of which he’s already dismissed. He may get
it, or he may not. There is a 50 percent chance. But I’ll tell you that if he doesn’t do it, the
one after him will. Because it is so obvious.

We show you this to tell you that this is the evolvement of the Human species. It is the slow
realization that putting things together is the answer to all things, instead of separating them
or conquering them. Those who start promoting compromise and begin to create these energies that
never were here before will be the ones you’re going to remember. Dear ones, it’s going to happen
in leadership and politics and in business. It’s a new paradigm.

And so that particular tool is this: the realization that the reality you think works may not
anymore. You don’t know what you don’t know. But you can still plan for things that are coming
that you don’t know if you know what the energy shift is.

It’s like driving on a road that you’ve been told is going to widen up and the traffic is going
to flow soon. You believe it and you know it and you prepare for it. You don’t know when it’s
coming, and you don’t know how it’s going to happen, but when it comes, you’re ready, and you
breathe a sigh of relief and you say, “I knew that would happen.”

So we close with that. Now you can watch as the world watches to see what this young man does.
If he’s smart enough to see the new energy the way he has the ability to, he will become perhaps
one of the world’s most beloved leaders. He will be seen as wise beyond his years, with fame
that no one else could achieve. But the old energy is strong, and drama and fear beckon as well.

Slowly there will be those who start to understand and see that unification is the answer to all
things. As hard as it is for enemies to unify with enemies, it will be their survival, for to
continue the way they have been will mean they will die on the vine. The old energy is no longer
going to support the old ways. Watch for it. It’s going to happen sooner than not.

We’ll close with the same thing we closed with before. Human Being, do not fear what you are about
to see, for the old energy will flail and die hard and it’s not going to go easily into the sunset
with its head down. It’s going to fight. I give you this as a metaphor. You’ll see it, and you’ll
know it when you see it. So understand it, don’t fear it.

There will be a period of recalibration and adjustment as this Earth moves slowly to an energy, as
if coming into the sun from the shadow. The city on the hill is slowly being revealed.

The New Jerusalem.

And so it is.


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  1. You can help the peace process along and help achieve that 50% probability by saying the following Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud: “I ask any and all beings to help bring peace to North and South Korea and assist the young leader in opening the borders with the south, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”
    The more people that say this BP out loud the greater the energy, which will be more than the number of people who say it, so give it a try!


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