Lee McCormick – NEW BOOK! Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag (September 11, 2014)

Tipped with a higher LOVE TOUCH … Lee opens his arms to all and says, “Just as I have learned how to behave from my parents and the world around me, I can unlearn those behaviors that no longer serve me.” Lee McCormick your book is magnificent!!!!

He speaks about not being told what to do … but how he was guided to see for yourself what was before him … looking internally.

He says it was like finding himself within a labyrinth … and as our listeners may know a labyrinth leads back to the center rather than to the outside, as a maze does. It was his ‘centering’ that he had been missing.

Does that sound familiar or what?! So often we are taken off of our ‘center within‘ not realizing what has taken place … and there is a lostness that one feels. Paula this incredible author is back with us–to share more.

Loving Recovery here: http://thedreaminghousemx.com/

Website: http://www.dreamingheaven.net

New Book: Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag:  http://hibooks.com  and Amazon too.

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