Linda Moulton Howe – Truth Exposed! (January 16, 2014)

For years, Linda has tipped the scales in exposing mystery after mystery.  Now it’s Gobekli Stone Mystery & ETs and she doesn’t stop there.

Earthfiles Reporter and Editor, Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio, internet and an author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science, environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness.

She has a monthly 3-hour radio news report about science, the environment and earth mysteries on Premiere Radio Networks Coast to Coast AM  that broadcasts throughout North America. She also airs on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Online.

Linda has been interviewed for all seasons 2009-2014 of the TV series, Ancient Aliens, broadcast on the History Channel.

Linda’s website:


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