Living in Awareness

Many people today are suffering from loneliness, feeling disconnected even in the midst of a busy life. Perhaps you are one of those saddened by unfulfilled expectations in your relationships and disheartened by much of what you see in the world around you.

You may be feeling anger, fear, and even lust and greed as you seek to rid yourself of feelings of isolation by entering into unfulfilling relationships and amassing excessive material possessions.  All the while, internal conflict is draining you of your vital energy – the supreme life force. And you wonder, is this the way life has to be, or is there something you can do about it?

Some people strive to overcome their hopelessness by trying to manage their conflicts more successfully. Others seek spiritual explanations or focus totally on the needs of others, yet, all the while, denying their internal feelings. And, yes, those things may give some temporary relief or distraction, but, in the end, they are just ways of running away from oneself.

It is only by resolving your deepest issues that you will be able to experience your connectedness to others and, thereby, free yourselves to be the Child of the Divine you were born to be. The best way, indeed the only way, to avoid a life ruled by conflict is to start with full awareness of where you are right now. When you can truly see what is going on inside at every moment, you will see how often you act and react, form your thoughts, and make your plans based upon a past that is gone or a future that will never be. This kind of self-awareness brings about a great transformation. As you separate from the illusions of your perceptions, you awaken and become free to live a complete and fulfilling life.

Help in attaining this level of awareness is now available through the gift of a Blessing, also called by the Sanskrit term Deeksha. This transfer of Divine energy helps you end inner conflict and the subsequent struggle, strife, and conflict that which hold and eventually manifest in the outer world. This blessing slows down the active mind that doesn’t allow you to be “in the now,” and brings you to a place of peace and serenity, connecting you at a deep level to your deepr Self and to others.

As you progress in your commitment to being at one with yourself, you will find it natural to accept others as they are. Forgiveness becomes spontaneous. Your relationships deepen. Life becomes rich and joyful. And as others like you awaken and families heal, communities will come together in closer cooperation and nations will work peacefully for the benefit and progress of all.

The focus of my work is to help as many people as possible to move from suffering and conflict into a place of awareness and peacefulness. In addition to successful programs for general populations, I’ve had the privilege to work with teenagers experiencing relationship and parental problems. It was a gift to be able to help these teenagers and their parents seek forgiveness and to see them transcend their anger and to respect one another – not because they were forced to do so, but out of awareness of what they were doing to themselves, to their parents, and to others.

I am also excited to work with people like actress Lindsay Wagner and counselor James Beard to bring the blessing to the L.A. and Long Beach prisons. We work to help inmates find peace, forgiveness, and compassion for themselves and for those they harmed. Another passion of mine is to help battered woman who are lost and afraid to reclaim their lives and their happiness.

The future may be golden with peace and enlightenment, or it may hold the disintegration of our social systems and a breakdown of civilization. The choice is ours to make, and the effects of the choice will be lived by us and future generations. There is always hope, and the answers are in front of us. By bringing awareness and awakening to everybody, and helping to evolve human consciousness, we can eradicate the problems we face today and open a new vista of possibilities for the future.

I believe that the ultimate solution to world problems is to make peace within ourselves; only then will we have a peaceful world.

About Sri Raniji:

Born in Malawi, Africa, Sri Rani Kumra (affectionately known as Sri Raniji) holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters Degree in Economics from Punjab Agriculture University in Lubhiana, India.

Sri Raniji was appointed spiritual leader of The Oneness Movement USA and Canada by Sri Bhagavan, founder of the Oneness University, originating in Golden City, India. Sri Raniji is a wife and mother who understands family issues and right relationships as a foundation for lasting transformation and fulfilled living. Sri Raniji’s work has touched people in many parts of the world. She has taught in schools, hospitals, prisons, universities, churches and conferences.

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