Mahala Gayle – Energies are Bobbing! (July 11, 2013)

July has just popped into position and over the next two months … earth energies are bobbing folks! Mahala will share with us what she has viewed through her astrology looking glass on Thursday; it’s oh so much better to be prepared than caught in a draft you didn’t expect. When I spoke with her, she says the energies are winding-up, many are actually able to feel and experience the momentum of events as they quicken. And, there’s an excitement in the air around us … knowing that something big is about to happen.

Are you amazed at what you are witnessing? See how everything is crumbling and then, new blossoms of energy are starting to burst with TRUTH. EXCITING!?  Oh yes!

Come join with Mahala and us on this journey!  Listen LIVE on 91.5 FM KKUP (San Francisco South Bay Counties) and we internationally broadcast simultaneously here:


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  1. Dear Tazz and Paula,
    I always enjoy listening to your show when Mahala is speaking, and I can hear her very well. However, it is
    difficult for me to hear the two of you when you speak, even with the volume up all the way on your blogtalk and on my computer. My hearing was checked last winter, so I’m ruling that out. Please either speak louder, have the microphone closer, or both, so I do not have to strain to hear you. Thanks a lot!

    Dr. Nancy

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