Mas Sajady – Quantum-Leap-Healing (February 24, 2015)

Mas Sajady’s two near-death experiences (NDEs) opened the veils for him way beyond his expectations. Thank goodness Mas stepped forward as ‘Pure Source’ unleashed his plug-in update … to be shared with everyone! Lucky Us!!!

Mas’ Quantum-Frequency-Jumping brought to him leaps in consciousness, opening areas of his life … allowing for energizing limitless expressions that simply and easily uplifts and supports humanity.

Mas not only travels internationally, but reaches through the air-wave to everyone quite angelically. Be sure to peruse his website  and check out every single corner for what ‘Pure Source’ has blessed everyone with.

The tone of Mas’ voice carries healing frequencies … here are just a few links below to follow-up on: 

Frequency lullaby is created for children from age 0 and up:

Frequency Clinic:

An energetic upgrade:


AND more: Here are just a few of the areas we can talk about that can be enhanced:

Quantum Healer
• Relieve Persistent Health Issues
• Supercharge Your Finances
• Heighten Relationships
• Rise to True Spirituality
• Enhance Beauty/Anti-Aging & More…

Success Energizer
• Energize Core SI (self-image) for Rapid Achievement
• Remove Self-Defeating Patterns
• Instill the Image of Wealth & Remove Financial Blocks
• Corporate sessions for improving sales and productivity are available


Our interview with  MAS  is on  Tuesday, February 24, 12-1 pm PT … please email us at with any questions you would like us to ask him.

AND, his interview will also air on 91.5FM (San Francisco South Bay Counties) Thursday, February 26th, 12-1 pm PT


How often do you find yourself taking out time just to LISTEN to ‘YOUR’ INNER-BREATHE?

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