Michael Eastwood – Awaken with Crystals (October 17, 2013)

Michael’s new book: ‘Unfolding our Light’ offers a structured hands-on approach to personal, group and collective initiations supported by an entirely new way of working with crystal consciousness. And, his book is coupled with magnificent ‘Cards’ of beauty, called “The Crystal Oversoul Attunement” which are designed for meditation and contemplation. They ignite the reader to explore in great depth the spiritual and metaphysical qualities of crystals and how to communicate with the part of the collective consciousness that the crystal represents. Together the cards and the book build a road-map, representing the shared spiritual and healing potential that these meditations can bring.

We are so excited to have Michael with us today; he will be giving readings as well … so be sure to tune in. You can call in LIVE at: (347) 633-9155 or listen internationally here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tazzandpaula … remember if you miss the show–you can always click on the Blog Talk Radio above and listen to it in your spare time.


Michael Eastwood website: http://aristia.co.uk/

Crystal Oversoul Attunements: http://aristia.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=342

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.aristia.co.uk



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