Michelle Bersell – F.E.E.L. (September 6, 2012)

GREAT NEWS!  Michelle’s new book, F.E.E.L., is going to be a featured gift of the 2012 Emmy Award gift bags!  How about those apples?!?

Only 4 books make it in the gift bag and she’s thrilled, because Michelle believes this means more people are ready to embrace a feminine approach to their emotional well-being.

When Michelle talks about a feminine approach, it is not to the exclusion of men.  In fact, men have come up to her after hearing her speak
about Feminine Emotional Mastery because finally they too are able to make sense of their feelings, like anger or frustration.

The feminine energy to F.E.E.L. is about learning to become better receivers.  This begins by relearning how to receive your negative feelings as they are intended – gifts to serve and support you to make navigating your life’s path easier and more fulfilling.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you’ll want to right away, as there are limited time bonuses available when you pre-order your copy at

Also, Michelle has some upcoming radio interviews and articles coming out that you may be interested in, as each shares how F.E.E.L.
applies to numerous unique subjects.

For women in business, you won’t want to miss Tribal Woman Magazine (Exclusive to Apple Newsstand).  The article Michelle created
“The Feminine Path for Entrepreneurs” is the cover story that shares how integral learning how to utilize our emotions is in business and in life.

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Michelle says, “I am: a mom, a seeker, a sensitive, a wife, a friend, a lover, a homeowner, an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker.

I juggle roles just like you!

Just like you, these roles aren’t really you or me, but I also know they still impact your life.

What I have found is the more I become aware of different choices and perspectives that allow me to make conscious choices, the more I am able to create a life that fulfills me from my core – regardless of the responsibilities that come with those roles.

There was a time where I was absolutely clueless – absolutely, positively unaware in just about every area in my life! Now, even though I have consciously grown, there is always more to be revealed. All it can take is one bit of insight and BAMM – you are conscious of another choice that allows you to live more attuned to your true gifts and whole being.

What this series is about for me is sharing my curiosity and ever quenching desire to more fully integrate consciousness into my life. I do this because I know the more we open ourselves to the gifts living consciously brings, the better off we are as individuals, as well as members of our families, communities, work force and our world.

My hope is your life becomes in even greater alignment with the desires you hold closest to you, as you listen and participate in the New Consciousness Evolution Audio Series.

Enjoy, laugh along and take great notes. This series is for us both and I hope it serves you well on your journey!”

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