Max’s Visit with Us

Max, the Crystal Skull and his keeper, JoAnn Parks stayed with me this last weekend. Let me share their history before I share my experience with you.

There are 13 crystal skulls known in the world at this time. Max is the largest, weighing 16 pounds. Many, including the British Museum consider Max the rarest artifact ever found on the planet. Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, Max was found in a tomb in St. Augustine, Guatemala between 1924 and 1926. He was used by the Mayan priests for healing and prayer.

After studying in India, Norbu Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas, traveled to Guatemala where he studied with the Mayan Priests. It was here he came into the presence of Max. Chen was given this precious artifact when he left the Mayans so he could use it in his journey as a healer.

JoAnn Parks met the Lama through their family medical doctor when her 12 year old daughter was dying of bone cancer. JoAnn ended up working for the Lama many years. Before Norbu died he gave the cherished crystal skull to her with no explanation, knowing that someday she would know what the crystal skull was all about. JoAnn stuck Max in her closet for almost ten years. After many years of communication from the skull on and off from within the closet… the skull finally told JoAnn his name and his desire to assist humanity by direct experience. Now JoAnn travels all over the world providing this experience to all who are called.

Now my experience: I started getting messages from Max two days before he arrived. (As Max would say they were only inner messages from self.) When I met JoAnne and Max at the airport, I parked right in front of the passenger pick-up, stopped the car and got out to poke my head in the door to see if the baggage had arrived for their flight. Just as I opened the door, there was JoAnn and Max. JoAnn did not know what I looked like but said immediately “Paula?”
We both laughed.

We put her luggage in the trunk and Max inside the car with us. The car didn’t want to start, as if the battery was going dead. We ended up driving home without air conditioning because I was afraid of the car’s battery. I became very light headed driving home. I thought it was because I needed to eat, but the same thing happened to me when I drove them back to the airport. When we got to my house we decided to give Max his own room. Then the air conditioner for the house quit working; the air conditioner is right out side the room where we put Max. We found out the fuses went out. Coincidences? Maybe, maybe not.

People were scheduled to start coming to the house that afternoon for private sessions with Max. After the session they just wanted to hang out and talk, and many commented on how peaceful the house seemed. A few people who could feel energy remarked that the house had a very high energy.

That night it didn’t seem peaceful to my husband and I. Neither one of us could sleep. My body was vibrating and my husband just said he felt restless. I also saw Max floating in our room. Maybe it was my imagination. Maybe, maybe not. The second night, we brought Max into our bedroom to sleep with us. I felt pressure coming into my 3rd eye part of the night. Plus, JoAnn was in our bedroom just walking around. I checked this out with her the next morning and of course, she said, she wasn’t there—maybe astro-traveling!

The next day more people came to have private sessions with Max. Like the day before, people hung out and visited before and after their sessions. People exchanged names and phone numbers. Twenty-five people came that evening to hear JoAnn speak and to touch Max. My cat and dog showed off for the group while JoAnne was speaking. I removed the cat a couple of times, but she always found her way back in the room. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the animals were amped up the whole time Max was here. The following day, they both became limp doormats after Max left and slept the day away.

A very auspicious moment took place when I took JoAnn back to the airport on Sunday; as we took the turn off to the airport, there before us was a red-shouldered hawk. JoAnn said, “Wherever Max is … Hawks always seem to show up.”

~ Paula

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