New Video by David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development

A NICE TWENTY-MINUTE OVERVIEW¬† – The video you are about to see was originally shot in 2010… during the same trip where David got the call that led to his appearing on seven different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel.

For various reasons, he & his staff never released the original video after it was produced. Recently, the director, Sam Womelsdorf, went back and re-edited the last 20 minutes of the original — where David focused in on personal spiritual development.

He then presented David with this idea a few weeks ago and he accepted it. He put an incredible amount of time, energy, love and spirit into bringing this video up to a high level of quality.

Larry Seyer then used excerpts from music they wrote together and scored the film, adding the final touches to complete the project.

They were supposed to have this ready about a week ago, but there were minor tweaks and problems that only now have been resolved. That’s part of why it took so long to update their site. So, without further ado, here you are!

It took me a couple go rounds of listening to absorb it all; it is another great deliverance by David Wilcock.




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