Sharry’s Powerful Hearing creates Health Freedom for YOU!

Often when I begin a workshop or lecture I ask the people who don’t have an energy body, to please leave. My request is often met with laughter and then bewilderment. Everyone knows we have an energy body but still no one can clarify it, thoroughly examine it, or explain how it works. Yet it is what animates us; provides us thought, memory, physical experience and just about anything that happens in our lives.
Science has attempted to capture it in MRI’s, CAT scans, Xrays. Shamans from all continents have attempted to give it names, position and power; meridians (as in acupuncture), the aura,  prana, Chi..
As humans we tend to want to express our energy body as dance, sound, emotion, music. We see the expression of our energy body, our Signature Sound, everywhere, every day but few people actively hear the sounds being expressed by our cells.
When I was growing up, I thought everyone heard sounds from people; beyond the words. Later I learned that I was listening to something different, that was obvious to me when people were silent.  If my back was turned toward someone, I could not always tell when they were verbally expressing a thought and when they were just thinking loudly.
I often got into trouble for knowing things I shouldn’t know, for talking to the animals and the carrots; for attempting to tell my parents things they didn’t want to know about. I learned to keep the information to myself and was banded as a loner, quiet child. Everyone in my family, except my Aunt June refused to talk to me about any of this. She was a bit on the strange side and still today works at our clinic every day, even though she is close to 80 years old. I think she actually saved my sanity and at the same time encourage me to find out what I was hearing from people; why I had such an odd talent and why my voice had such an effect on people. When I sang people’s note for them, animals stopped to listen, babies stopped crying, people’s headaches and pain would disappear. You could not tell where the sounds were coming from; the sound reverberated as if it was coming from everywhere, simultaneously.
John’s Hopkins University Professor, Wendall Browne, researched the idea that sounds coming from the ear contained information about health, and with the help of Dorinne Davis’ research we finally proved that what I was hearing was oto-acoustic emissions. The sounds were real!  Esoterically they had been called Signature Sounds by sages and healers. Centuries ago Pythagoras reported hearing sounds from people so the talent has been around for a long time.

I knew that what I could hear and verbalize was something useful. I also knew that if I died the talent would die with me so I set about to put all I knew, all that I discovered through the years into computer software programs so that everyone could benefit; so that this ancient/new medicine could become a practical part of our everyday reality.

As an adult I also realized that our health care system was too piecemeal; we were not looking at the whole body, the energy body. The sounds I heard and sang to people were an expression of their brain waves and in turn their neural networks. Everything that happened to anyone could be heard through their oto-acoustic emissions; their Signature Sound in esoteric terms.  Knowing how to interpret those sounds is a talent that has allowed me to turn my sound adventures into Sound Health.
I can hear people’s sounds. Based on that simple fact we were able to build software that could listen to a person’s voice, build a grid from those frequencies and create a frequency-based matrix that could be used to reveal information about a person’s genetic make-up, exposure to toxins, reasons for being overweight, muscle and structural issues, vaccination faults and about anything else anyone would want to know.
Today at the Sound Health Research Center we have one foot in science and one foot in the esoteric realm. This started with just a talent – my ears are constructed differently than most humans – and has manifested into a new paradigm of medicine.

I was once asked to consider myself UNINVITED to a sound medicine conference because I had no musical talent. How limited was that man in his vision for humanity? I have one of the most unique musical talents on the planet. It helped create a way to provide an avenue for SELF HEALTH through sound and with Obama’s health care reform on the way, I’m pushing for more software that will support HEALTH FREEDOM.

It is my goal to put this software into the hands of the people who are concerned with rationed health care, the lost of rights to services, the right to say no to vaccinations. My unique voice and hearing allowed these software programs to be created in such a way that the public can easily and efficient use them to protect the people they cherish, serve their clientele and make a difference for their communities.
I come from poverty, I’m the first person in my family to finish high school, much less college, my finances are severely limited but I had a talent and I knew it was important that the world know about what could be done with sound and voice and frequency and music. My odd ball talent is all I have and I want to share with the world. I’m trying to help people remember what once was and what their potential is to heal themselves.

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