Prageet Harris – Stargate Creator (October 18, 2012)

Prageet … a Healer, Channel and Energy Worker for 23 years with his guide Alcazar. Created the Stargate inter-dimensional DOORWAY and HEALING CHAMBER after being asked by his guide Alcazar to do so. This Stargate, a powerful structure¬† supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Prageet has been traveling with this for years throughout Europe and North America assisting thousands of people in their awakening. Using the Stargate, music and meditation together creates an incredibly strong, tangible energy field that facilitates rapid change. Participants have experienced physical healing, emotional well-being, and old habits and limitations disappearing. Simply by being in the energy, doing nothing!

Groups and private sessions.
Phone: (530)887-9053

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  1. My husband and I have participated in many of Prageet’s events over the past few months, including week long retreats in Mt. Shasta, and another one next week! We have experienced remarkable changes in the healing of many family members and relationships, significant business success, as well as personal inspiration. He and his Stargate have recharged us, and we are operating on a higher octave of ourselves. My Divine Feminine Sound Healing work has taken off, with an event locally and now in Michigan, with more planned in December! I now have a backlog of clients, my husband has a great new job. It’s not an energetic that is easily quantifiable, but is easy to feel, and the results appear in improved quality of life in a number of areas!

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