Prophetic Dreams

Becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2003 was one of the best studies I
could have done to uncover the creative forces of my subconscious and doing so I
added more wisdom to my UCI *Unique Celestial Identity and my inner spiritual
talents. Since then I realized that I could make sense not only to my own
prophetic dreams, but also assist my many friends as well. Performing
Astro-Psychology readings is my forte; however, doing dream interpretations on
the air is something I love to engage in.

Lost in Neptune’s World!

Once, a friend called me wondering about a particular dream she had had and
needed help with interpretation. In the dream, her boyfriend was talking to her,
but his breath smelled awful, and then to avoid the putrefying smell from his
mouth, she politely walked outside and began to run away down the street. She
told me that her upset boyfriend was screaming at her from the porch but
regardless of the distance she put between them she could still smell his
terrible breath.  “So what do you make of my dream, Louis?” she
asked.  “This is a solid prophetic stinky dream” I answered
laughing, “and tells me that your boyfriend is not exactly building your
self-esteem and he must be verbally abusive to you,” I added.  “It’s
funny you said that because since we first met, especially last few months our
relationship has been deteriorating, we fight so much for nothing. It’s like
we cannot communicate regardless how hard we try” she added.

I asked her for her boyfriend’s date of birth and explained to her that his
Dragon’s Tail (negative) was in her third house of communication, making it
totally impossible to agree on anything. She had never heard of The Power of the
Dragon and not only that but the Cosmic Code was playing havoc in her chart. She
was perplexed and kept asking more and more questions until I persuaded her to
invest in my 525 pages book to build more Cosmic Consciousness. I also told her
that her subconscious was quite clear about the daily mental abuses she was
suffering with him and to acknowledge the prophetic dream as a sure signal for
her to be ready soon for a new section of her love life. But again I said,
“There was no accident, by calling me today, your subconscious wanted you
to learn more about your own subconscious creative forces and set up not only
the actors and the experiences, but also the answer.”  “What do you
mean?” she asked. “Well you are a highly spiritual person” I
added, “and you were also subconsciously on a quest for the spirit and to
understand more about it all, your subconscious (or God) brought you to me
because I have the right answers for you.” I added.

Incidentally, she has turned out to be one of my best Astro-Psychology
students and now enjoys a beautiful respectful loving husband and a cute child.

My dear friend Gary Busey … we are two of a kind!

My good actor friend Gary Busey and I are very close friends and Gary is
often on my telephone discussing spiritual matters with me. Once, he asked me to
explain a disturbing dream that he had the night before.

“In my dream Louis” he said, “There is a beautiful, very young girl
sitting on the grass. I approached her and told her how fine looking she was. I
tried to get close to her but she immediately turned vulgar to me and asked me
to leave right away.” he added.  In the dream she told him he was ugly,
old, and to leave her alone and Gary as a celebrity was left perplexed by her
hideous behavior. He continued explaining his dream where he screamed back at
her “You are also fat and ugly, did you look at yourself lately?”
“So what’s all this about, Louis?” he asked me wondering. I explained to
him, that the little innocent girl was a representation of a deep need to find
true love again and the little girl’s response was his fears of getting old
and to never finding true and innocent love again. He was amazed by my
findings as usual and thanked me warmly. Understanding any messages from
your subconscious, whether it is in your dreams or an awakened state, one can
only greatly benefit from this incredible source of information.

Personal experiences …

In my very own personal case … a very significant dream took place when I
was only a child and it brought forth to me much about my future involvement
with astrology. Here it goes—it was a cold and windy winter night in the dark
attic, when I went up as usual to bed that night. Grisette my 2 year old
stray cat was already there, she was sitting on the old mattress gazing through
the darkness waiting to share some badly needed warmth with me. As always, the
wind was making a lingering rumbling sound through the broken window, while the
dim streetlights produced a pantomimic shadow movie on the destitute cement
walls. I was often starved, cold and scared to death with regular nightly UFO
visitors leaving me totally exhausted emotionally and physically. My feline
friend was a blessing of meager comfort, safety and my only source of heat.
Grisette was my only companion and the silent witness of many dramatic nights
dealing with the extraordinary. In the hours of darkness we both swiftly fell
into a Neptune world of dreams. This was the first prodigious dream I ever had
and it was not only very vivid but also extraordinarily prophetic in
nature. This dream predicated my special life loaded with astonishing
occurrences and gave me a glance of what was to come in the future. I now
understand, use and teach all about dream interpretations and physical omens in
my Astro-Psychology practice. Many of my students have granted me the best
of the best endorsements in all my live courses.

In another occurrence, I saw a mighty Bull dashing towards me head-on with
its menacing horns down. I got scared, but the sturdy animal stopped right in
his tracks and menacingly looked at me straight in the eyes. Dense smoke
came out of his large black nostrils, and then to my surprise the magnificent
astrological symbol of Taurus (the bull) gave me a reverence by bending on its
left knee. His menacing horns did not aim at me, but at the ground and after
giving me a form of respectful Royal reverence, he simply walked away
peacefully. Taurus always symbolizes money as this sign (used subconsciously by
Merrill Lynch banking corporation) denotes my slow but sure progression towards
financial emotional and spiritual stability.  Next, out of the corner of my
eye I saw two beautiful children came along, a young boy and his sister; they
smiled at me, waved amicably and kept waking following the bull in the dense
rain forest.

Gemini, Cancer and Leo presence…

Recently I just witnessed the symbol of Gemini “the twins” in my dream not knowing just yet that this sign dictates a strong dual energy in my life. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 cars, and speak four languages and will enjoy 2 lives in one. Mercury (The Messenger of the Gods) seems to fit me well while translating God’s celestial secrets—the Cosmic Code to the world.  This planet and the sign of Gemini controls all forms of communication such as my many radio and TV appearances, writing, teachings etc. or all that I do so well for my world wide clientele. Then the “crab” or the sign of Cancer came out of nowhere walking sideways. No direct message was offered to me by the symbol itself then; until I looked above in the night sky and saw the most beautiful, clear, cutting Full Moon anyone can ever hope to dream to see. The moon rules the sign of Cancer and depicts emotions and feelings in one’s chart and my constant drive to feed the world with rare spiritual food. It’s amazing how everything falls in line.

My passion and connection to the Moon is very deep as she rules women in general. I have mastered all the secrets of the Moon over the years and her mysterious impact in our lives and to the world at large.  My yearly book “Moon Power” is a sure indication of the tremendous and rewarding work that I generate and share with my faithful readers worldwide.

Following the sign of Cancer comes Leo the lion, enveloped in a majestic
golden light.

In my dreams I have been quite afraid because in my dream this big Lion came
to me with some serious menacing roars. He began to run towards me and I was
really petrified when I saw him taking a big leap in my direction. I closed my
eyes and waited for my fate to unfold but like by magic the powerful king of the
beasts right in the middle of the air turned into my beautiful loving cat,
Grisette and she landed smoothly on my lap. I recall petting my cat for a while
in my dream, then she licked my face and this is when I woke up…

In my book Beyond the Secret I explain how the subconscious interacts with the superconscious in time and
space and offers you its magical guidance through symbolism, dreams, and
physical omens. This book is a masterpiece of a rare wisdom that once understood
will transform all your wishes into reality. Knowing that the “future is
nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts” you can only find in your
own thoughts, omens and your prophetic dreams, your solid future’s reality.
The bible says “You have been made in the image of God” but when will
man finally realize that he is a God in training on this dense physical world?
Aware of it or not, you have inherited the essence of God’s creation when you
reincarnated on this solid physical world with a solid connection with the
Cosmic Code that is an intrinsic part of your subconscious miraculous
powers. Life itself started in the infinite complexity of various universes
and the stars. That is as a child of the Universe where you came from until you
ascend righteously, as God intended you to do, and use this infinite source of
power to lead a more productive life. The ultimate challenge is for you to
recognize that you are not only a part of God but also a part of cosmos itself.
My teachings of the Universal Laws will bring forth your own cosmic
consciousness, your own immortality, your own creativity, your own peace of mind
and your own eternal bond with the divine.

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