Readings by A. Robina (December 9, 2010)

Ann Roman an internationally known psychic and clairvoyant medium cradles love and light in every reading to help guide her clients.

Ann’s awesome natural gifts of vision, intuition and healing, along with her celestial guidance were with her from a very young age. Now these gifts lovingly support others to overcome and redirect their lives with success in relationships, career and family situations. She begins simply with a brief meditation, then connecting to her guides the answers you need are gracefully given.

Ann also enjoys and teaches the art of reading tea leaves. Being the child of a British subject she has been a chronic tea drinker since weaned from the breast. Remembering a special memory with her Nana she recalled, “My Nana used to peer into my cup and tell me things that were going to happen with great accuracy. I am sure I picked it up from her.” Throughout her life everyone has handed their cup to Ann… and now they take a picture of their cup on their cell phone and send it to Ann to be gazed upon with great anticipation. All of her children have genetically received the same skills. Ahh. a special Gift from Nana passed down to them ALL!

She also teaches astrology with a special twist… the understanding of astrology; Astrology 101, counter clock wise in a clock wise world!

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