Renee Mollan-Masters – You Are Smarter Than You Think! (December 18, 2014)

GOOD NEWS! Students reported they had success beyond their wildest dreams in studying with Renee Mollan-Masters technique. Huge leaps have been made in learning … EVERYONE IS SMARTER THAN THEY THINK.

WOW! this was such an eye-opener … I took the tests as you can do … here is the info.

And within a couple of hours I realized that my life could have been really different and every step of school could have been done with ease.

Renee says, that our brains are ALL different … just like our fingerprints! Imagine that?!

84% said Grades Improves
92% said Study Hours Decreased
87% said Stress Levels Lowered
90% said Retention Increased

Books/Online Companions
You Are Smarter Than You Think, the missing piece to academic success, 3rd Edition
Renée Mollan-Masters, M. A.—available at most bookstores, and on the website.

The Journey, the companion experiential online program. Available with the book on the website.

Visit inside and see about 60% of the Journey program:

Free!, website is:

Downloadable reports:
1. Mistakes parents never want to make when sending their child off to college.
2. Walking this world, not knowing your brain talents is disastrous. Find out why.

CONTACT: Renee Mollan-Masters would love to hear from you!

She has had years of experience with this program.

You can contact her at the below number or email.

Reality Productions
6245 Old Hwy 99 South
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Email us at:

Order Bulk

If you are interested in buying bulk orders of the You Are Smarter than You Think book

we give bookstore a 40% discount plus shipping.

Please have your book store fax your purchase orders to 541-770-4374

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