Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst – Mind to Soul (October 9, 2014)

In Rev. Judy’s new book: A Conversion From Mind to Soul … not only does she gives us the opportunity to respect the mind, but she also imparts a deep cherishing for our Universal-Soul … that allows us to move from the Mind to the Soul with much ease, grace and a calm flexibility.

She’s an internationally known metaphysical teacher and lectures on Medical Intuition, Spiritual Healing, and the relationship between the Body, Mind and Spirit.

She is the founder and president of The Mystery School, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. As an Interfaith Minister and a long time student in New Thought, as well as Goddess, Wiccan, Gnosticism, and Native American traditions.

She says, “We deserve a deep relationship to our Soul.”

This is a perfect ‘Gift’ for another!

Please share this book far and wide. Thank You! Rev. Judy for the Love and Care given to write this book.



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  1. Lovely interview! How long would it take to have two copies of the book delivered to my house? I leave the country this Monday.
    Thanks! Great job!

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