Rev Thabiti – Personal Time-Map (April 17, 2014)

We feel like we’ve captured Superman who has lit a light to life, zipping and unzipping time-lines delivering support to each individual who takes a peek into Rev Thabiti’s Ancient Science breakthrough technology called your ‘Personal Time-Mapping’… it literally surpasses the abilities of Psychics and Astrologers instantly. 

This system has been 22 years in development by Rev Thabiti, creator, author, syndicated newspaper columnist and radio show host.

Here are some of the ways you can use Personal Time-Mapping:

  • You’ll receive immediate answers to your most important questions
  • Know when and how things will change for you or anyone else.
  • Make better personal, legal, business, and financial decisions.
  • Experience illuminated directional guidance to navigate and maneuver more successfully as you move through each new time period of your life
  • Have the upper hand or superior advantage in your situation.
  • Remove anything clouding your ability to make Right Decisions.
  • Locate yourself on anybody else’s Time-Map and SEE YOURSELF from their point of view.

and the list goes on ……

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