Rhonda Britten reappearing on Oprah – December 31st

She’s back! A woman of strength is reappearing on Oprah leading the pack; just her very words will initiate you into a deeper insight of yourself and pop you back onto a track of courage in all areas of your life you never thought of looking at!

Just a couple of Rhonda’s words for me “Be Fearless” found me quite easily cleaning those dusty areas of my mind, in fact it actually felt good to connect with what was there. I didn’t know it would be so easy. If you have a friend with you, which I did have … it became rather exciting and adventurous to help each other to reexamine our thinking processes.

So schedule yourself some time to view Rhonda on the Oprah Show on Wednesday; then be sure to call (347) 633-9155 to connect with Rhonda, Paula, and I – LIVE by phone to personally ask Rhonda your question(s) on air Thursday, January 29th – 12-1 p.m. PST

Take back your life! Rhonda, Thank you! … there is simply no greater gift you can give another.

~ Tazz

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