Scotty Bruer – Peace Now! (September 19, 2013)

Today and many tomorrows, Scotty is the driving force of the initiative to build a community of petitioners and supporters that bursts forward with the momentum, passion, creativity and participation to begin a new era of lasting peace.

He is the author of  The Best 10 Years of Your Life … But Let’s Plan On 20. This brilliant leader is the energizer bunny–full of energy, intellect and stamina, with the ability to zero in and capture what needs to be done. He’s highly analytical, organized with the journalistic qualities of extracting the latest piece of information that uplifts humanity to another octave.

Scotty Bruer, you are an inspiration to us all. It’s so great to have you with us!

To listen to the interview LIVE with Scotty  scotty bruer  click here:


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