Sean David Morton’s Predictions

Sean David Morton is always booked to the hilt for interviews; however, he always seems to graciously squeeze us in in a moments notice several times a year. It certainly is fun to hear what is coming around the corner with his predictions.

Last Thursday he really headed up with some heavy predictions; one of the predictions he shared with us that he thought to be true—was that Barrack Obama was not a legal U.S. Citizen. (Be sure to listen to the podcast.)

Sean said, Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. And on top of this, Obama is not his legal name because he was adopted by his stepfather. Sean also said the governor of Hawaii had Obama’s records sealed. This doesn’t ring true to me. If this was true the Republicans would have for certainly jumped on it. Obama is a smart man, constitutional lawyer in fact; wouldn’t you think he would have had all his tracks covered before he started to run for president? And what does his passport say?  Doesn’t everyone have to show their birth certificate before acquiring a passport? What do you think?

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  1. I think Sean is a tired fat guy that should take his health cures off his site as he is obviously mucho
    overweight….his newsletters arrive if even infrequently and have rambled and have not had real
    content for years..guess he needs the money and eventually gets one or two out in a row when
    people complain enough…would not listed to him (my opinion only)

  2. We appreciate your opinion.
    I have a personal gratitude to Sean. He saved me big time, with his predictions about the stock market!

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