Sheldan Nidle – DNA Recalibration (August 22, 2013)

This Amazing Spiritual Journey we are traversing … is shaking up things … don’t you agree!?  Have you been spontaneously LAUGHING, CRYING, ANGRY, etc … some call it ‘mood-swings’ that shock you as well as those around you?  Ha! is that an understatement? If so, we’ll be checking in with Sheldan today about our DNA re-patterning, a recalibration and what abilities it will deliver to us.

Over the years I’ve realized that at certain times many people are elevated completely out of left field simultaneously … people are unable to sleep until a certain hour in the morning and then the energy releases them to rest, they have aches and pain that are closely the same, they’re more vibrant on one day than a previous one. AND, just recently I’ve realized it seems to be connected with portal openings, energies connected with different planet movements and, here’s a thought, it might even be a ‘time capsule’ release within our own body, but triggered by frequencies we are not aware of like musical tones or Gaia’s sounds from her grids.

AND, in Sheldan’s last newsletter he stated that the date has now been chosen, YES! (it’s still a secret, but it has been chosen.) Do you feel like you are rocking on your perch? You’ll have to admit it’s a light switch turn-on! OK, now just how do we flip that switch?

…  that will support us in recapturing the essence of our SOUL before we were anesthetized before arriving on earth.  to remember who were are and preparing us for this next leap in our journey . In his last newsletter he also stated that the date has now been chosen for

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  1. how come I cant hear anytlhing, I wanted to listen to the broadcast and nothig happens when I click on the subject, ie Sheldan Nidle, Hello, is this not free internet radio? I would like to listen, should I come back and catch it on the archives? or the podcasts? are they free? oh well, bye bye.

  2. Hi Linda, we just found on our wordpress where a message was left. When listening to Sheldan or any other program you can go to … and there you will see where you can click on the program. Sometimes I believe that there is a slight delay; however, please let us know what is taking place when you go to Blog Talk Radio next time if there is a problem again. You may want to go to the Blog Talk Radio link above and click on ‘FOLLOW‘ which is by our Mother Earth photo with us … and then next time you will receive an email that you can click on the link and go directly to the show that way. That way in case you missed it you can always click on the email link within and you’ll be able to listen. I hope that you receive this explanation. You can always email us directly at: and we’ll be able to get your email and respond to you that way too. You can also call-in and listen by phone if you like during the program at (347) 633-9155. Hope that this helps. Tazz

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