Sheldan Nidle – Earthly Awareness (January 24, 2013)

How aware of the new Cosmic Dance are you? The vibrations are certainly increasing and everyone is learning to live from moment-to-moment through our planetary transition.

New financial system?

New Rules?

New Bodies?


When for everything???

We are all moving gracefully maybe even not so gracefully with the ups and downs … learning to breathe in a new way … feeling the energies that our earth is presenting to us. We cannot help but transform; new creative ways are being born by the second to support ease in every corner of our lives.

Today we’ll check-in with Sheldan … you can listen on the internet LIVE at:

Sheldan’s webinar is this coming Sunday, 1/27/13  and Thursday, 1/31/13 … (sign up and you can listen and share with others both days … fill your livingroom.)

Be sure to sign-up NOW–seats are limited:



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