Sheldan Nidle – Earth’s History Flight (June 9, 2015)

For twenty + years now … I’ve watched our Guest, Sheldan Nidle (even in my livingroom at home) knock on doors we have not even thought of knocking on. And, we’ll be doing the same today … as we bring him into your living space.

Paula and I have some questions that have arisen … so! who do we call on to share with us? We call him the Master of earth’s hidden history as he volley’s with it making it come alive to our senses … and a presenter as well, of an amazing future we are to experience that is set before all of us just around the corner.

Sheldan Nidle is an author, lecturer, physicist and a UFO / ET representative that has learned to walk between many worlds, being thoroughly and carefully educated by the Galactic Federation.

While many speakers in the New Age community use channeling as a method for obtaining their information, in contrast Sheldan receives his information directly and clearly via his etheric and physical implants. This method facilitates an ongoing telepathic communication with his ET contacts.
Sheldan’s life-partner Colleen Marshall is always by his side and we are so fortunate to have her with us today.

Sheldan’s upcoming webinar: Sunday, June 21st & Thursday, June 25th:


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