Sheldan Nidle – Gaia Wraps & Lifts (July 17, 2014)

Presently many individuals are in discussion about Common Law verses Admiralty/Martime Law our present system … and they’ve indicated that it will take years to educate people for this new way. However, after thinking this through … we’ve actually operated with Common Law before so it may be easier to implement than previously thought.

So who do we call on to share with us today … Sheldan Nidle of course! We just love Shel’s discussions of earth history and history.

PLUS, look at what is taking place now … Mother Earth/Gaia is really revving up WOW! the frequencies have wrapped and lifted us even higher over the last week. It’s been tough on many; dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, wanting to sleep but unable to get normal rest and the list goes on.

Then, look just a little further … what has just taken place over the last couple of days.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a grand tour of Latin America. His first stop was in Havana, Cuba. However, ahead of arriving in Cuba, Putin decided to bestow a gift upon the Cuban government. With one swift signature, he eliminated $32 billion of Cuba’s debt, left over from the Soviet era.

Cuba isn’t completely off the hook as you may have read. They will be required to pay back just $3.2 billion over the next ten years, a 90 percent decrease from what they previously owed.

This might look small, but I wonder if this is a precursor to others around the world following suit. Yes, they say that he did it for a reason, but it just might be another silent reason that is not viewable at this point.

If you remember, other countries prior to this have also written off debt.

Hopefully we are in the forward motion of this continuing to happen throughout the world.

AND another BIGGY! … BRICS establishes world bank. Yeap, the BRIC nations have formally established a new bank. Is this our ‘ breakaway’ from world financing?

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