Shifting Insight! 5D Brain, Body & Soul Alignment ~ by Tazz

I awoke early, but remained in bed for a while … my thought process bantering over past and present trivial input; consciously I caught my brain-repeats and began directing myself to dissolve the mickey mouse thinking–then all of a sudden my brain did a spin—vertigo it’s called (dizzy) and in about 15 seconds my thought reruns had vanished. That was wild and wonderful! It was like my wish to erase was no longer needed … it was done automatically.

I began to massage my head and became aware of the feelings that my fingertips were creating on my cranium; some areas were responding like, do this more—oh yes this is feeling better and the awareness talk increased as I responded to my thoughts. And, then I began to bring in musical notes for nurturing to the areas of my brain that I felt were in need as I touched certain areas over my forehead, behind and in front of my ears, over my skull and down my neck. I’d been listening to some of Tom Kenyon’s audio files the last couple of days and many of his 4 plus octave voice tones were so nourishing they had become part of my own inner-voice needs and added them to my massage when this took place. Here’s Tom’s website:

My cranial skull just siphoned in the chi and I became more conscious of what my body was calling for at the moment … I got up from bed, took some liquid minerals and my whole body eased right to the core. I had nourished my Body and Soul and it was talking to me. I consciously felt the Shifting of Insight … total brain, body and soul alignment.

I headed for my computer and found these two articles–synchronicity strikes again … atonement with the universe. By the way, I believe nothing is out of order; everything is sequential if we are awake to connect … basically it’s just taking time to connect with our Soul and our Creator.

Please jump right in and let me know below if you’ve had some similar experiences over the last couple of months … as it gives others support too in peering into the changes that are afoot on our sweet Mother Earth.

~ by Tazz


BELOW are two beautiful Articles in – GAIA PORTAL  that connected with my morning experience.

Energetic Pulses of 5-7D Light dissolve all shadow appearances and clarify to Higher awareness.
Frantications are diminished, followed by dissolution.

Extraneous energetics are cleared, first in individual Hue-Beings and hu-beings, followed by rapid collective clearance.

All darkness is now dispelled.

Paths of the Higher Life of Light are now fully illumined within all Gaia inhabitants.
Focus on untenables is softened, then dissolved.


Storage locations of hidden energetic pulses become known to all attuned to Higher Self.

Fraternal/Maternal entities become connected to Gaia inner network as Pleiadean Guides begin to repopulate prior home areas.

Multiple entities remain to anchor the Gaia Nova energetic grids which have been forming and now congealing.

Relativistic physics is attained from all levels of Beingness, including the so-named “hu-man” lower energy realms.

Flashes of insight continue to impel all Gaia inhabitants during these next weeks.
Primary Inner players now take their hands in preparation for Higher End game out-playings.

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