Stepping into the real world with both feet!

Amito, who is a member of the Sangha, the events coordinator and web designer always assists us to finalize details when Paula and I interview with Umi, the Zen Master … shared a most awesome story on the phone last evening in what she has been doing. You can read her email to us below.

* * *

Tazz and Paula, I just had to let you know that every Thursday I drive a bus for UC Santa Cruz. During that time I always listen to your show and turn it up really loud so the students can listen too. They seem to really enjoy your guests and we’ve gotten into many really lively discussions afterwards. I love being able to expose them to many different ideas and ways of being.

They are the next generation who will make the changes this planet needs and, as your show is titled “Embracing Mother Earth.”  It seems to me that networking in this way is what is needed now as we move more into community and all working together. I’m new to the blogging scene, but being a Gemini, feel really excited by all the possibilities it offers for us to reach out to each other.

Keep the great shows coming and know that you have whole busloads of students in Santa Cruz enjoying and being inspired by your guests.

Thanks so much!


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