What is it like to be a fully conscious Being? In full consciousness, the world of the senses comes alive! You feel, see, smell, taste and hear flowers, bees, trees, plants and technology of every possible description. Imagine being in constant sensory interplay with each aspect of your daily environment. Imagine going for a walk in the redwood forest. You would not only see, feel, and smell the trees but you would also taste the trees and hear their unique vibratory song. If you passed a wild blueberry bush, you would hear the song of the bush, smell the scent of the blueberries while also tasting them just by passing by. It does not stop here. Your massive interconnections include people, Angels and the very spiritual entities that supervise all living things such as the devas, fairies and elementals. With these interconnections, you are able to share your Joy, Love and talents with all of your reality and forge a symphony of flavors, tastes, smells and thought-filled intentions. In this environment, you are a full participant in the evolving of Mother Earth, this solar system, this galaxy and even of all of Creation. You walk, talk and breathe this in each moment of the day. You feel both at one with the world as well as with yourself. Your inner desire within is to help and to contribute to the general welfare of all!

Full consciousness allows you to do three major things. First, you have direct access to those who, at all levels of Creation, can aid in interpreting and applying your vast abilities. Second, you understand each other in ways that at present you cannot. Using these talents, it becomes possible to discover your past and future lives and how they connect to who you are now. The mysteries that now confound you about who you are disappear. You easily see the life links that make you, “You”. Third, you use these paths of knowledge to develop a society that greatly benefits your world, your family and you. So, as the many sensations that make up this reality merge with you, you feel both at ease and in Joy at what the Creator and you have chosen to accomplish in your lifetime. In all of this you fulfill your life’s purpose.

~ Sheldan Nidle
Planetary Activation Org.

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