Tom Lescher – Paradign Surfing (January 26, 2012)

Tom captures planetary movements with astrology like none other! Today he’ll share details about upcoming energies from our planets that shake-up the status quo in our lives, but simultaneously opens the veils for merging new hope, new thought, a new deliverance that allows us all to view how we can support one another more effectively with ease and grace.

Tom’s creative merging of two astrology approaches (Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology with aspects of Shamanic Astrology… along with his own insights–has birthed ‘New Paradign Astrology’ his baby of perfection and no doubt still growing!

Head to his website and check him out! Tom’s website is a platform designed to help connect you with your spiritual soul purpose and provide you with the means to fulfill it.

Join with us LIVE internationally at: this Thursday from 11 to 12 noon (PDT) and you can also call in at (347) 633-9155 and ask questions too!

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