Fire Burn Doctor – Testimonial (June 15, 2012)

My husband rested his fingers on a glass top stove which had just been on high. He let out a yell and immediately put his fingers under cold water. He said, he was in a lot of pain. We could see blisters starting to form.

I remembered interviewing Alison McDermott about the Fire Burn Doctor. Alison said, if we called the Fire Burn Doctor right away or at least within 1/2 an hour after the burn, they could take away the pain. I called immediately and gave all the requested information. (name, birth date, and birth place). Here was the phone # to call for anyone else needing it … 1-818-332-6445

I told my husband what I was doing. He of course, gave me a non-believing look. After I called, I went into the other room.

About 10 minutes later, my husband called out and said “I can’t believe it, the pain is almost gone–it only stings a little.”

In another 30 minutes, my husband had almost forgotten he had been burned. I asked him how his pain level was, he said, “no pain” and then he looked down at his fingers–they were white, but NO blisters. My husband was really impressed and pleased with what happened.

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You can listen to the interview we did with Alison McDermott here:

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