The Gayatri Mantra

I am delighted that you both have invited me to join you on the 28th of this month and I so look forward to sharing time with your listeners.

As you are aware, the Gayatri mantra has been an integral part of my life and more recently, an integral part of my own healing process after the death of my wife in early 2005.

This oldest of prayers was given to me by my father when I was around ten years old as part of the Hindu sacred thread ceremony that young Hindu Brahmin men go through. It is similar to the Jewish Bar Mitzvah. Anyway, I have been reciting this prayer mechanically for over fifty years, without appreciating its meaning, depth or beauty. A couple of years ago, while hiking in the Arizona mountains, I was reciting this mantra and it struck me, for the very first time, that I didn’t know what I was reciting and why. I had just done it since my childhood.

Isn’t that the way we do so many things….without awareness and presence?

And so began my journey with the creation of this healing CD called ‘The Magic of Gayatri”. I gave it this name because it sounded good. Little did I know how magical it was to be!

Initially, I did it because I thought it would be cathartic and help me in my own healing process…and it did. Then, during the creation process, Tomas Michaud (my friend and fellow musician) and I decided that the proceeds could go towards causes including the orphanage for blind kids that I support in India.

However, something else was happening as we let friends listen to early versions of the recording. People were expressing feelings of calmness, serenity, healing and ecstasy.

I have to make a public admission at this point. I have never sung in my life before. And yet, my voice and the music apparently had this power of healing. Talk about being channeled!

I am a certified hypnotherapist and I work pro bono with cancer patients helping them reduce their fear as they prepare for their difficult treatment modalities.

I started giving them this chant to listen to during surgery under anesthesia. I was quite taken aback (as were their doctors) when they found that they could reduce their post-op rehab and recovery times by half or more in many instances.

I am receiving wonderful emails from friends and total strangers as to how this chant is touching them and affecting them. It seems to impact people in different and unexpected ways – physically, emotionally or spiritually. Here is an excerpt from an email from a yoga teacher on the Big Island of Hawaii:

“Dear Chandra, I finally received my copy of your Gayatri mantra and have been listening to it continuously as I am in this moment. I just wanted to express to you how incredibly beautiful I am finding it.

What I love about it is how it awakens the beauty in ME!  I am a yogi and teacher and we chant the Gayatri before each class, so it is very familiar to me and I have heard other variations as well. I must say that your passion for it jumps through time, space and my speakers right into the core of my soul! It is like a continuous journey of inner bliss and connection with Myself and Source.”

I am feeling very blessed to touch people in this way.

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