Elena Yates Eulo co-author of “Two Sisters Cafe” (December 23, 2010)

No one in town quite understands why miracles are always afoot in the café or how the sisters so often accomplish the impossible with ease. But even the irrepressible two sisters find their hands full when a desperate man barges in on them during the thickest snowstorm in Willow Creek history and sets fate to rolling.

When the storm clears, the sisters realize they have played roles in disrupting the lives of the local bootlegger’s abused wife and children, and seek to bring balance by taking on his eldest daughter, Sarah, to work at the café. The girl’s apprenticeship turns out to be more than any of them had bargained for. The fledgling young magician soon finds herself meeting strange characters, including a man who knows all the answers about everyone’s lives but his own, a schoolteacher who has a lesson or two to learn herself, and a mean old woman who becomes hard as stone.

That is just a little highlight of what happens at the “Two Sisters Cafe”

Elena Yates Eulo co authored this beautiful novel  a long with Samantha Harper Macy. The two ladies combined the magic they both learned from their

grandmothers and created this magical story.  WE CAN SEE A T.V. SERIES CREATED FROM THIS BOOK!

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