The Tom Kenyon Raphael Sound Meditation

The Tom Kenyon Raphael Sound meditation is now on our website. It was so special for me when I listened to it; bringing me insights and an alertness into my own body that I had not anticipated on receiving that I just had to share it with all of our listeners, which Tom has allowed us to do. The sounds were totally different from what I had heard from Tom before, but very effective. Be sure to go to his website afterward and listen to some of the other Angel Codes.

“The Raphael Sound meditation is offered as a gift to the world. You may listen to it and download for your own use free of charge. The only caveat is that the download be used solely for your own personal use. This recording is part of a larger set of sound meditations called Angel Codes, which are protect under International Copyright.

By clicking on the download below, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Listening Suggestions

You can listen to these sound codes in anyway you wish. However, to experience their most profound healing effects, it is suggested that you place your entire mental focus or attention upon this recording without doing other activities. Make yourself comfortable, perhaps even lying down. Place your awareness at the crown chakra (the thousand petalled lotus), at the top of your head. Allow the sounds of Raphael to vibrate your crown and to enter deeply into your awareness. If your mind wanders, gently bring your mental focus or attention back to your crown.

This crown meditation is 17:00 minutes in length. The complete Raphael transmission was 22.26 and is included in its entirety within Angel Codes.”

Please comment below after you listen to it, we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and comments.
You can go to Tom’s main Angel Codes page to hear samples of the other Archangels and order the entire set of Angel Codes.

We interviewed with Tom on Saturday, October 25th, if you have not listened yet to our interview with him—you’ll love it. It was a pure joy in what he shared with us.

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