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‘God Bumps’ just rolled out in waves all over my body when reading this LoveLight article!

Oneness as a Catch-22 ?

As we are coming more into remembrance of our Divinity and our Oneness with all things, many are encountering what seem to be set-backs in their lives.  It appears that the closer one comes to Creator’s highest truth on it all, the more trauma, drama, and illness surfaces in our daily lives to distract us.

But is it really a distraction?  I would offer that no, it’s not a distraction but an alert.  It’s a “warning” that something is not in harmony and balance, that something is not flowing in the fullness of your power. Let me offer you some insight from my experience and from working with others.

We have an understanding of what Oneness must look and be like.  It is literally “one”.  That brings up beliefs that we will lose our own identity within the Oneness; that we will no longer exist; that we will lose everything.  Even if you make it intact through those belief landmines, you then face another group that would lead you to believe that there are no boundaries, no honoring of “you” and your choices.  And, the icing on the cake then comes with the logical thinking that in order for you to be in harmony and joy, you must have some type of separation between you and “others” within the Oneness.  Yet, if you do that, you are no longer in a state of Oneness.  It becomes the quintessential catch-22!

So, what do we do?  We are being led energetically to expand our awareness and open to the possibilities and potential of Oneness.  We want more in our lives.  We want everyone to get along and to love one another and care about each other.  It appears that Oneness might help us understand how to do that.  Yet, here in this 3D existence, we are routinely interacting with people who seem to not even have taken the first step on the path of awareness.  We have set up personal boundaries to separate us from hurt and pain and being taken advantage of.  We push back when those boundaries are breached.  We have trouble imagining how to live our daily lives in harmony and balance and joy without separation.  Yet, we have the belief that separation keeps us from God.

Through ThetaHealing®, I can offer you energetic downloads that can help you with all this confusion and can allow you the understandings and feelings to continue on the path of remembering the Oneness that already exists while living successfully day-to-day in the here and now.  They can also clear up the confusion about how to live without separation, yet still having your personal choices honored.

Part of that will be the understanding that, as you raise your vibration, your energy will no longer be an energetic match for trauma and drama.  Rather than establishing and maintaining “boundaries” as we typically identify them (as separators), you begin to realize that your own personal energy/vibration is enough to keep you safe.  You can watch the trauma and drama of others with compassion and, just by being you, send them a higher vibrational frequency.  They have free will so they can accept or reject the energy sent, but if they do accept it, it may just help them shift out of the energy of trauma and drama.  In any case, your energy will not allow the trauma and drama to “stick to you” or “penetrate” into your core.  The frequencies will not match.  One physical way you can work on this now is to focus on sending unconditional love to anyone you see in a state of trauma or drama.  Imagine your heart filled with a brilliant white light.  Imagine it flowing from your heart, without any expectations of results, to the person and connecting to their heart.  Turn the light up.  And know that just that tiny action on your part will make a difference.  You may never see it.  But, that’s OK.  Trust and know and believe and feel that it happened.  That’s all it takes.

OK so let’s do some ThetaHealing® downloads to give you understanding and perspective and to change your conflicting beliefs, if you have them.

Would you like all these downloads to have these parameters?

  • Creator’s truth to include Creator’s highest perspective, understanding, and definition (if appropriate)
  • change your truth to Creator’s
  • give you the feelings of having, knowing, believing, understanding, and acting from them
  • how to have them in your life now
  • that it is safe for you to
  • all downloads for your highest and best, with grace and ease, without trauma, drama, and/or illness and/or dis-ease
  • without the need to create/re-create negative situations for the purpose of learning, illustration and/or to show accomplishment
  • for all times, versions, locations of you and your twin if you have one
  • in all languages
  • that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to have all this
  • that all of this is safe for you in every way
  • that it is possible
  • that it is possible for you
  • that it is time
  • and that you have it all now
  • with instantaneous full conscious awareness

Would you like Creator’s truth on Oneness; On God; on co-creation; on separation; on boundaries; what they really are vs. what you think they are; how they all fit together or not; what really happens to “you” in Oneness; truth on your safety as part of the Oneness; truth on your ability to choose and create and BE who and what you are as Oneness; truth on being a PART of the Oneness vs. the wholeness of Oneness without parts; how to move forward on the path to Oneness in harmony and balance and with grace and ease; what that feels like; how to know yourself as a co-creator with God; how to know that without the beliefs that say you are not worthy or that it is not possible or that it is against God’s teachings; releasing all such beliefs to Creator’s love now; that you have “permission” to be One with all life; that it is “OK” to be One with all life; truth on it being your birthright to be One with all life; and that you ALREADY are; how to remember that; and that you do remember that now; and how to move forward with all these truths, teachings, and feelings in the highest and best way for you now?

If you would like all that with all the parameters, relax and take a few deep breaths.  Say “yes – Oneness” and have the intention to receive.  Allow the energy to flow into your crown chakra, and through your body into the nucleus of every cell, the Light of each cell, and into the space between.  Feel it.  Allow it.  And sit with it for a moment.  Be sure to thank the Creator of All There Is for this beautiful gift of truth and understanding.

It is my pleasure to be able to share this with you.  I hope it helps you shift out of confusion and doubt and helps you be excited and happy about moving forward on the path to the remembrance of your Oneness, your Divinity.

Namaste.  From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours…

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