Tom T Moore – ? Atlantis and Lemuria ? (October 13, 2015)

Tom Moore has done it again; it’s truly captivating what took place on Atlantis and Lemuria; technology and cultural achievements.

If you only read one book … let it be Tom’s latest: Atlantis and Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed—this is it! You are going to have a hard time putting this one down. Tom is one of the most informative and brilliant  authors of our time. He has the factual knowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria and has finally uncovered so many questions that have lingered for centuries concerning the true events of these ancient countries and inhabitants.

His other books, FIRST CONTACT and the GENTLE WAY series you will not want to miss reading as well. It totally uplifts one’s soul because you’ll then know why you are here. Plus, you get to meet Tom’s Theo and Gaia!

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