Trenace Rose – Akashic Alphabet (March 24, 2015)

Trenace Rose shares with her Readers that a conscious, metamorphic shift is taking place in our dimension and each soul has sub-consciously chosen an individual rate of spiritual growth and ascension.  Those at the forefront may be aware that you are acting as catalysts in a vital process of raising the vibration for all living beings, including a cherished Mother Earth.

Media news, while often important, tends to dwell on sensationalist happenings which are frequently of a dark nature.  The carefully crafted scenes in Akashic Alphabet are glimpses into what is often also going on simultaneously across continents and spheres, that is positive and for the good of mankind, but is not publicly broadcast.

It is of vital importance for protection of the collective mind, that all humanity be made aware of this other remarkable side of life taking place, which has tremendous value and power in its inherent goodness, with ability to counter-balance and transcend in exponential proportion, the lower energies on our planet.


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