UFO Contactee and Scientists Warn of Coming NW Earthquake

Hi Everyone,

There is some important and disturbing news concerning earthquakes and
tsunamis from the Meier material that is seemingly being corroborated by
independent scientists. This information should serve as cautionary material for
all those who may possibly be affected by such events, should they occur.

392nd Contact of June 25, 2005:

Ptaah: “According to our preview (Vorausschauungen) there will be a
seaquake (Seebeben) of 9 points on the Richter Scale in the region of the North
Pacific not far from the American coast, from Portland to the south of
California up to Washington in the north. As a result there will be a gigantic
fault (Verwerfung) of several hundred kilometres, when as never before a
seaquake-tsunami will spread in a ring form and produce immense devastation on
the main land and on the islands, which will cost many human lives. The seaquake
will last for about 5 minutes, to be followed by additional and less forceful
quakes, which will trigger another but less severe tsunami. Some facts about
this threatening danger are known to terrestrial scientists, but they are not
capable of realizing the really/factually developing catastrophe.”

As is usual in the Plejaren information of late, no date is given. I did a
search online and just found this:


Unfortunately, neither the Meier material nor the scientific report gives us
a specific time frame, though it’s safe to say that Meier’s sources do indeed
know when this event will happen…as they claim to know when an even more
disastrous tsunami will hit the east coast of the U.S., as a result of the
eruption of the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands, off of the west coast of

The Plejaren told Meier that not only do our scientists also know about the
danger there but that the result of the tidal wave that will hit us as a result
of a trillion tons of mass being suddenly deposited into the Atlantic Ocean will
penetrate some 12 miles inland and kill from 20-30 million people here…if our
government doesn’t take very serious steps towards preparing for it. This would
include preparing evacuation routes for the residents of all of the eastern
cities, towns, etc. as well as educating people regarding the inevitable event
so that immediate steps can be put in place once any seismic activity at La
Palma was detected; hopefully well in advance of the actual eruption.

Please clearly understand that the purpose of this information is not to cause
fear or panic, to the contrary, it’s to help avoid it by putting these warnings
into the public consciousness and awareness.

For more information from and about Billy Meier, please see: www.theyfly.com

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