Whales Beaching – Listen Live before expires!

Podcast of Healing of Capetown, S. Africa Beaching of the Whales
Hello everyone!
On June 5, 2009, I was privileged to take part in a wonderful conference call in clearing the area of Capetown, South Africa following a beaching of whales there due to unknown circumstances. It was hastily assembled…hence the small number. We hope that by posting this that you may join in energetically. Also, there will be more sessions coming up.
At the very end of this blog is the link to the session so you can hear it. The link on site is only good for another week (until June 19, 2009). You can listen live or download to have as your own file, especially before it expires.
See below for more of an update which came later after the session. It gives more data on the situation.
June looks to be a month of much to do and experience. Let’s get it off to an intensely healing experience. Share your energies with the dolphin pods—in the sea and on land.
With many blessings,
Healing with the Rainbow Rays
Link to podcast file: 

Our meditation on Friday night with Shirley Irene and Alijandra was beautiful, and I feel we did some really good work.  Since then, I have been doing research and have found amazing atrocities against whales by the IWC. I have also joined a group, The Good Ship Liliana, whose founder drafted the email below to the European Commissioner for the Environment. There is a week long meeting coming up in June of the IWC. If you could, would you please just copy and send the email below to the commissioner with your date, signature and address to help to ban whaling in Japan and Denmark. I sent this to my Care2.com network as well. There is a new YouTube video out by Pearl Jam showing the whaling industry’s cruelty. Two men in Japan have just been arrested and are awaiting trial for simply turning over a box of whale meat to investigators, which arrests were urged by the whaling industry. Also, if you want a better idea of the area, simply Google “Africa maps” and “Cape Town Whaling” and you will come up with a lot of info and links. Thanks for getting this email out to the EU commissioner as soon as possible!
I look forward to future mediations with all of you. I truly think it makes a big difference!
Love and joy,
From Alijandra:
For more information on the particular problem areas of Denmark and Japan regarding proposals for whaling, see my website link  www.colorhealing.com/capetownhealing.htm

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