What in the World is Bazi ??

Last week I spent 8 days in San Francisco taking a Bazi workshop; Bazi one, two and three.

You might ask as I did before I found out … What is Bazi? It’s Chinese Astrology.

Recently, I found out that it is not easy to learn. In fact, some of the students in the class were taking if for the second time around.

Bazi is not an ordinary way of doing readings or fortune telling. It deals with an analysis of the Life Path of a person; an understanding of who we are, what we are capable of as well as the true known and unknown potentials of our lives. It is fully packed beyond anything I’ve seen.

I am convinced that this form of Destiny Analysis holds many benefits in its practice. It is practical, accurate and POTENT!; while in class I was amazed at what I could find out that I truly never knew, and if I had known it earlier … I could have made decisions that would have allowed my life to be easier and more enjoyable.

Many people ask, why would we want to actually discover the path laid out for us? The answer is simple … to make informed decisions about the choices we make or are about to make. Bazi can definitely allow the “energy of life” to return with enthusiasm!

Our Bazi Master told us that Bazi is a “diagnoses” and Feng Shui is the “prescription.” I guess my next class is going to be Feng Shui.

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