What is Truth?

The real question here is “what is your truth?”

In order to be sincere in action, character and word, you must be true to yourself. Not many of us are. We might even think we are true to ourselves but in actuality, we are products of what we have been taught, or told since the moment we were born. We all are the products of our parents, our siblings, our teachers, our society, our friends, and our experiences. We have been told what is acceptable and what isn’t, what to believe and what not to believe, what to think and how to act.

Somewhere along the way, our truth got lost.

We have given away our truth, our personal power, in bits and pieces all throughout our life in order to be accepted, loved or to simply fit in. We take the misinformation we have been taught and in turn, begin to judge ourselves and others by it. We have long forgotten who we are and have become who we think we should be. In the process of becoming human, we have lost touch with our authentic self but; all is not lost, as our truth can be rediscovered.

There is a tool which can help us re-define who we are and return us to that place of truth and that tool is Numerology. Numerology is not influenced by outside forces. This ancient science only seeks to look at the energy that is you, the energy you were born with. Your numerical code, found in your date of birth and name given at birth is the pure essence of you, the you before everyone and everything began to influence your perception of “who” you are. Numerology is the guide to the authentic self, and as you begin to understand the numbers found in your personal Numerology chart, it reveals the essence of your soul and holds the keys to understanding your purpose in this journey we call “Life”.

You can rediscover your truth through Numerology. It is a validating experience to understand your energetic makeup as defined by your numbers. When you hear what insight Numerology offers, you immediately identify and understand the message being given through the numbers as your soul will resonate to it. You also begin to understand that no one person is alike. What is right for them is not necessarily right for you and vice versa. People think the way they do, act the way they do and have their own personal values because of the energy of their numbers just as you think the way you do, act the way you do and have your own personal values because of the energy of your numbers.

Understanding your personal Numerology helps you to love yourself because it is in your own personal numbers, that you discover who you are and from that, learn to accept who you are. ┬áIt is called “Knowing your truth”. Once you know who you are, you can be true to yourself and be sincere in action, character and word and begin living your true reality and moving closer to the life you were destined for. Only then can you reach your full potential, and find peace and happiness within.

Numerology is a Journey in Discovering your Authentic Self

I would enjoy answering any questions you may have for me.

~ Alison

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