“You were pre-qualified. Tallyho, The Universe”

For years I’ve experienced and watch genius Mike Dooley at JOYFUL PLAY; bringing forth the undulating micro and macro curves of the Universe into words like no one I’ve every known.  And, the in-depth of thought-provoking stillness that is captivated in all of his works are electric!

Have you experienced NOTES from the Universe?

“What started in 1998 as an email sent out weekly to 38 addresses has since blossomed into today’s daily Notes from the Universe, sent to over 500,000 subscribers in 185 countries! These Notes are brief passages written by “The Universe,” personalized with your name (and occasionally your personal goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things.”

You can check out Mike Dooley’s LOVE for the Universe and his brilliance here: http://www.tut.com/inspiration/nftu




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