Zach Polsfuss – Higher Brain Living (March 31, 2015)

Release Your Full Potential!!!  Zach Polsfuss introduces us to a higher brain living which will tap the unused part of our brains and eliminate stress and more.

Join us on Tuesday, 3/31 @ 12 noon PT here: and find out:

• How our survival brains have locked us into nearly unbreakable patterns
• How shifting into living from the higher brain can drastically and dramatically alter the way we experience life
• How HBL (Higher Brain Living) came to be and the impact it is having for those who have experienced it
• What scientists are learning about increasing energy and oxygen in the higher brain
• How HBL can end the stressful way of life so common to Americans that shows up as depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight fluctuation, money drama, arguments, headaches, stomach pain…and more

Here’s more! Check this out.

If you are tired of living your life dictated by your primitive survival or lower brain, the one that keeps you in the grip of stress, fear, anxiety, reactive impulse, addiction, frustration and resistance to change-then you shouldn’t miss this timely interview!

Life would be far better … when you’re able to live from your largely untapped higher brain: the creative, expansive, confident, connected, intellectually stimulated, healthy, problem-solving and change-adapting part of your physiology? Wouldn’t life be far better? And can’t we do more?

This new breakthrough simply releases a surge of energy into your largely untapped higher brain. It breaks the hold that the survival brain has on us – the destructive patterns that keep us mired in our stress-driven, often addictive lives – and shifts the operational mode to the higher brain. It’s like going from low gear to high. The process is called Higher Brain Living®(HBL) and it is being introduced to individuals by trained facilitators globally. And the Bay Area is about to get a first-hand look at this healthcare revolution on April 27.



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